Interest in Boettcher Community Mentoring

Boettcher Mentoring Program


Beginning in the Fall of 2023, the Boettcher Foundation will launch a mentorship program to connect current Scholars with other members of the Boettcher Community (Alumni, Fellows, and/or Investigators). The spirit of this new program is to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between a member of the Boettcher Community and a current Scholar to advance the current Scholar's personal and professional growth.


We hope to promote the following through the program:

  • The ability to create a customized mentoring relationship that allows the mentor and mentee to define the goals of the relationship and the frequency that they meet,
  • the advancement of current Scholars on their professional/personal life journey, and
  • an opportunity for members of the Boettcher Community to share their life advice and have a tangible impact on a current Scholar's experience.

If this program sounds like it might be of interest to you, please share your contact information below to be notified of updates about the launch of the Boettcher Mentoring Program. If you are not interested, please share your reasoning below to help us improve.